Free Outreach Ideas and Resources Survey

Outside The Box Ministry Issue#1I just sent out Issue #1 of Outside The Box Ministry.  I plan to send out emails 1-2 times a month with the best free outreach ideas and resources that you can choose from.  It is sometimes hard to find really good free resources, so I will mix it up with some low cost options as well.  You can sign-up to the right.  You will receive the next issue that is sent out.

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Help 1 million people find hope in Jesus this Easter!

You are invited to be part of a concerted effort to share our faith by blogging, tweeting, posting and sharing #FallingPlates on various social networks.

#FallingPlates is a simple, relevant and compelling way to share the gospel. In 4 mins, through various visual metaphors it clearly explains our relationship with God as it’s meant to be, and invites the viewer to a true and lasting relationship with Christ.

#FallingPlates has seen more than 390,000 views since it launched on 12/12/12, and continues to draw more than 2000 viewers a day, many expressing how it has powerfully impacted them.

1. Share the video#FallingPlates

  • -Write a blog post about Easter during the Holy Week, embed the video
  • -Tweet about it on March 29. (ideas here)
  • -Post on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ etc. starting on Good Friday (March 29) through Easter (March 31). (ideas here)

2. Mobilize others to join in this campaign.

  • -Encourage others to join you, to share their faith using this film.
  • -Make it a group activity with your church groups.

3. Watch and Pray

  • -Anticipate what God will do through this effort.
  • -Respond to your friends’ questions after they watch the video. Follow up with them.
  • -Pray that the Holy Spirit works in the hearts of those who watch it.

Christmas Outreach Ideas

Christmas Outreach IdeasIn a recent article from Outreach Magazine, they quote a recent study from Lifeway Research that “61 percent of evangelical Christians haven’t shared their faith in the last six months, even though they agree it is their responsibility.”  Do you need ideas to help in your evangelism and outreach efforts?  Here are some Christmas outreach ideas for your church, ministry and/or community. Please leave a comment with your Christmas outreach ideas as well.

1. Do a drama, musical or short stories acted out that create conversations and shares the message of Christ and His birth.

2. Do a living nativity outside and invite the community to come and see it.

3. Create a Christmas village and sell items that have been made by people from developing areas in the United States or overseas. The money can go back to these communities. Have opportunities for visitors to be invited to your church or future ministry events.

4. Put on a film festival showing Christmas movies and share a film clip on the birth of Christ. Click here to view and download one.

5. Offer a free meal on Christmas Eve before your church service.

6. Share Christmas gifts with others in your community.

7. Have a lunch or dinner for your neighbors and share the Biblical account of Christ’s birth from Luke.  Here are some tips for doing the dinner here.


Image from CreationSwap

Global Short Film Network- Short Films for ministry

Global Short Film Network The Global Short Film Network is a ministry strategy that was developed by The JESUS Film Project to train people around the world how to create and use short films to engage in spiritual conversations. On the website you can access films to watch/download, training materials and question guides for each film. Many of the films have been produced by the staff, students and partners around the world. Also, there are a handful of films that were produced by filmmakers who have given permission for the films to be used for ministry.

Click on the link to watch and download films at

Biola Digital Ministry Conference- Watch Online

On June 5-7, Biola University hosted the 2012 Biola Digital Ministry Conference on their campus in La Mirada, CA.  Biola always does top-notch events.

They have made available the sessions from the conference on YouTube.  You can view a listing of the speakers here and view the videos of the sessions here.  We have included the session on “The State of Digital Ministry” below.

The Power of a Great Story- Caine’s Arcade

“Caine’s Arcade” a short film about a 9 year old, Caine Monroy, who built an elaborate cardboard arcade inside his dad’s used auto part store – is about to have the best day of his life.  The film created to tell his story, has gone viral and gotten a lot of attention in the news.  You can find out more about Caine’s story here.  Do you have a story to tell or know a good story that needs to be told?

Caine’s Arcade from Nirvan Mullick on Vimeo.

Internet Evangelism Day 2012 Resources

ComputerThe amazing growth of digital media is transforming the world and changing the way we communicate and even think. There are growing opportunities for digital evangelism.

Internet Evangelism Day is an annual focus day, scheduled for 29 April 2012. It creates a space for churches, ministries and individual Christians to investigate the many options for sharing the good news online.

The Internet Evangelism Day website is also a year-round online resource guide to help Christians understand these varied opportunities. Topics covered include: how to build a church website that is ‘outsider friendly’, using Facebook and Twitter in evangelism, and the growing options for using your mobile phone.

For many of these opportunities, you need no technical knowledge at all. And there are many opportunities to volunteer to be an email mentor to inquirers who have visited outreach sites operated by several online ministries.

Internet Evangelism Day is an initiative of the Internet Evangelism Coalition, based at the Billy Graham Center, Wheaton. It is supported by a wide range of Christian leaders and groups. “I am glad to commend Internet Evangelism Day,” said the late John Stott.

More information:

Homeless for the Holidays Film

I had the opportunity to watch “Homeless for the Holidays” a film based on a true story about an executive that falls from the corporate ladder and finds it difficult to find work.  He takes a very unpleasant job, but when the bills begin to pile up he soon realizes that his family is about to become homeless by Christmas.  I was provided a free copy of the film so that I could review it.  I was not obligated to write this review in any certain way.

This powerful story will move you to evaluate what you really have and what really matters.  I was drawn into the story and what the family was going through was well played out on the screen.  “Homeless for the Holidays” is mixed with humor and moments of uncertainties.  Where the film lacks is in budget.   It was done on a very low budget, so the acting and sometimes that visual are not of the highest quality.

The film is family friendly and is awarded five out 0f five seals by the Dove Foundation.  You can find out more about the film and watch a trailer on the “Homeless for the Holidays” website.

Visual Media Tools For Ministry

It has been a while since I blogged.  This has been a busy and exciting year.  Since most of my time now is spent in producing films for ministry use, I have decided to write more about that subject.  I also want to provide reviews for faith based films and other visual media tools.  It is my hope that this will be beneficial to those who are looking for new opportunities and tools for ministry.

Developing An Idea for a Ministry Tool and Strategy

The “Idea” is the first step in developing a ministry tool and strategy.  You probably have a lot of ideas for new tools and strategies, but are they good ideas.  I have found the key to a good idea is identifying a need that the idea can help.

When it comes to ministry most individuals, churches or ministries are looking for a ministry tool or strategy to help solve a need.  If you create a tool and strategy that really isn’t needed then it won’t get used.

Once I was part of a team that created  a CD-Rom that was complex, but very postmodern.  The project took a very long time to complete, but it got done.  We created a website and had broad distribution.  In the end only a handful people used it, because it didn’t really meet a need and it was hard to use.  So, first identify the need.   A good way to identify a need is to listen and ask others.

Once you have the need identified, bring people together to pray and brainstorm ideas.  There are a ton of resources on brainstorming. I personally like using the Walt Disney Imagineering process for brainstorming.   This is where you put ideas on sticky notes or note cards.  Then group the ideas together that are similar.  Then you “plus up” the ideas.  This is expanding the original idea presented by writing more details on another sticky note or note card and placing it under the idea.  Once you complete that process you are able to determine which is the best idea.

The next step once you have an idea is to prototype it.  That will be covered next.