Homeless for the Holidays Film

I had the opportunity to watch “Homeless for the Holidays” a film based on a true story about an executive that falls from the corporate ladder and finds it difficult to find work.  He takes a very unpleasant job, but when the bills begin to pile up he soon realizes that his family is about to become homeless by Christmas.  I was provided a free copy of the film so that I could review it.  I was not obligated to write this review in any certain way.

This powerful story will move you to evaluate what you really have and what really matters.  I was drawn into the story and what the family was going through was well played out on the screen.  “Homeless for the Holidays” is mixed with humor and moments of uncertainties.  Where the film lacks is in budget.   It was done on a very low budget, so the acting and sometimes that visual are not of the highest quality.

The film is family friendly and is awarded five out 0f five seals by the Dove Foundation.  You can find out more about the film and watch a trailer on the “Homeless for the Holidays” website.