Christmas Outreach Ideas

Christmas Outreach IdeasIn a recent article from Outreach Magazine, they quote a recent study from Lifeway Research that “61 percent of evangelical Christians haven’t shared their faith in the last six months, even though they agree it is their responsibility.”  Do you need ideas to help in your evangelism and outreach efforts?  Here are some Christmas outreach ideas for your church, ministry and/or community. Please leave a comment with your Christmas outreach ideas as well.

1. Do a drama, musical or short stories acted out that create conversations and shares the message of Christ and His birth.

2. Do a living nativity outside and invite the community to come and see it.

3. Create a Christmas village and sell items that have been made by people from developing areas in the United States or overseas. The money can go back to these communities. Have opportunities for visitors to be invited to your church or future ministry events.

4. Put on a film festival showing Christmas movies and share a film clip on the birth of Christ. Click here to view and download one.

5. Offer a free meal on Christmas Eve before your church service.

6. Share Christmas gifts with others in your community.

7. Have a lunch or dinner for your neighbors and share the Biblical account of Christ’s birth from Luke.  Here are some tips for doing the dinner here.


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  • Thomas Ford

    Give away transparent tape and wrapping paper.

    Set upa free gift wrapping station at a mall. (I know churches that make enough
    money off tips to fund mission trips)

    Buy 5 dollar gift cards for a coffee place or store and pass them out in a mall
    or Christmas event.

    Have your worship band, choir or children’s choir play on as many stages at Christmas events as possible

    Have a free coffee and hot chocolate stand at out door Christmas events and

    Operate a child care area in a mall just during the Christmas shopping season.

    If you adopt an apartment offer an evening or weekend day to watch the kids so
    parents can shop.

    Rent out a space in the mall for a week and have Christmas concerts, a
    Christmas wonderland or other event.

    A living nativity scene in a mall. Have hourly times where you do a 5 to 10
    minute drama or song about the nativity.

    Some ideas from the book

    Dynamic Community Outreach