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Book Description:
FBI behavioral psychologist Daniel Clark has been made famous by his arguments that religion is one of society’s greatest antagonists. What Daniel doesn’t know is that his obsessive pursuit of a serial killer known only as “Eve” will end in his own death at Eve’s hand. Twenty minutes later Daniel is resuscitated, only to be haunted by those twenty missing minutes of life.

It soon becomes painfully clear that the only way to stop Eve is to recover those missing minutes by dying . . . again. What isn’t nearly as clear is just how many times he will have to die to discover the truth, not only about Eve, but about himself. Daniel will have to face haunting realities about demon possession in the modern world-and reevaluate his prejudice against religion-to stop Eve.

“As always with a Ted Dekker thriller, the detail is stunning, pointing to meticulous research in a raft of areas: police and FBI methods, forensic medicine, psychological profiling-in short, all that accompanies a Federal hunt for a serial killer. But Dekker fully reveals his magic in the latter part of the book, when he subtly introduces his darker and more frightening theme. It’s all too creepily convincing. We have to keep telling ourselves that this is fiction. At the same time, we can’t help thinking that not only could it happen, but that it will happen if we’re not careful.” – David M. Kiely and Christina McKenna (authors of The Dark Sacrament)

“FBI psychologist Daniel Clark is obsessed with capturing an elusive serial killer known only as Eve. Daniel’s compulsion has cost him his marriage and any semblance of a normal life. When Daniel is shot by Eve, his resuscitation 20 minutes later leaves him with no memory of his killer’s face, and he attempts to recall the memory by reliving his near-death experience. At the same time, the terrible and haunting story of who Eve is and how he became a killer is told in disturbing snippets throughout the novel. Dekker’s (The Circle Trilogy) latest supernatural thriller is both a character study and a highly charged suspense drama that shows Dekker at his best as he reminds us that evil is all around us. [T]his title will appeal to both Dekker fans and general thriller enthusiasts. Highly recommended…” – Library Journal

Ted Dekker is known for novels that combine adrenaline-laced stories with unexpected plot twists, unforgettable characters, and incredible confrontations between good and evil.  Ted lives in Austin with his wife LeeAnn and their four children.

“CHOSEN” a new book by Ted Dekker

Are you a teacher or know a teacher? Teachers can register and get Chosen and a book kit free for your classroom and school. Click here to find out more. You can download the first four chapters here and the study guide for the book here.

Here is description of “Chosen”.

Think with your heart and prepare to die for you have been Chosen.

The land of the Forest Dwellers has been decimated by the Horde under the watchful eye of the vilest of all creatures, Teeleh. Thomas Hunter, supreme commander of the Forest Guard, is forced to lower the recruitment age of his army from 18 to 16. From among thousands, four new recruits are chosen to lead–and perhaps die–for the greater good.

The chosen four are sent on a quest to prove their character, but their mission takes a dramatic turn when they are intercepted, sword to secrecy, and redirected to a different endgame. Now they must find the seven lost Books of History. Books that have power over the past, present, and future. Books whose words are alive. Books sought by the Dark One that control not only the destiny of their world . . . but that of ours as well.

The Search for the Lost Books of History – Heroes Wanted:
To learn more about the nationwide treasure hunt to find the lost books and to sign-up, go to Grand prize for this treasure hunt is a 2008 Chevy Cobalt!

Cookie and a Book- Free Prize Inside

Last night while visiting my local Barnes & Noble, which my wife and I enjoying doing often, I very much enjoyed eating a chocolate chuck cookie from Starbucks and read a lot of the book, Free Prize Inside: How to Make a Purple Cow by Seth Godin.

In his book, which is an easy read, he outlines how a company should rethink how they spend their money on advertising, doing BIG innovation projects and R&D. Instead they should focus on “soft innovations”. These are about small ideas that anyone in an organization can think of. It is all about what Godin calls, “making your product into a Purple Cow.”

You can apply this idea to your organization or church by creating an environment for your staff or congregation to be a “champion” of an idea they might have that can bring change or a great opportunity that can make an impact on your community, nation or world.

Do you want All The Right Things?

Wanting All The Right ThingsMy friend, Shirin Taber, has a new book that was released on August 22. It is called WANTING ALL THE RIGHT THINGS- Finding a Spiritual, Balanced, and Fulfilled Life. In Wanting All the Right Things, Shirin weaves together biblical principles, personal experiences and revealing interviews to provide solutions to the complex issues women face today. You can jump on over to Relevant Books to check it out. If you get a copy, come back to this post and leave a comment about the book.

Zondervan Announces New Books of Young Authors

Next year Zondervan is releasing four books geared towards the 20-something crowd and they are all written by authors who are in their 20s and 30s. As I commented on the Zondervan blog this is great to see younger authors writing books for the younger generation. This is a generation that has more oral learners than literary learners. The titles of the books will be:

If I’m Waiting on God, Then What am I Doing in a Christian Chatroom?– scheduled to release in January 2006
The Irresistible Revolution– scheduled to release in January 2006
Dear Church– scheduled to release in August 2006
In Pieces of Glass- scheduled to release in August 2006

Relevant Books

I have come to enjoy Relevant Magazine. They write compelling articles for the emerging generation. They offer some unique book titles through Relevant Books. One of their upcoming books is titled POCKET GUIDE TO THE APOCALYPSE: THE OFFICIAL FIELD MANUAL FOR THE END OF THE WORLD By Jason Boyett. It will be released March 29.

The Pocket Guide takes a humorous look at our cultures ongoing love affair with the End Times.  A handful of anecdotes, acknowledgements of the phenomenon in pop culture and insights from the author precede chapters like: “Apocalyptionary: A Glossary of the End Times”, “Fun with Eschatology” and “Armageddon Grab-Bag.”  Don’t get left behind on this end-times extravaganza!

The 250- Evangelism Ideas for Your Campus

“Here are 250 tried and proven ideas for reaching college campuses for Christ. Creative, effective, cutting-edge ideas that have been compiled from 170 Campus Crusade movements around the country.”

The 250-Evangelism Ideas for Your Campus is an excellent resource for getting creative ideas for doing ministry to college and even high school students. It is published by WSN Press, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.

The book is divided into three sections: Modes of Evangelism, Student Groups, A Miscellany.

One of the ideas that is mentioned on page 48 suggests using shorts films for creating spiritual discussions on various topics. A small group would view one of the short films and then discuss it for 20-30 minutes. The short films mentioned were from The Damah Film Festival.