Short Film Strategy Outreach

It has been some time since my last post.  I have been busy working on a very exciting outreach strategy that utilizes short films to start spiritual conversations.

As part of my ministry work with The JESUS Film Project (a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ) we have been testing the use of short films for outreach around the world over the last two years.  With the field test that we have done we have found what worked the best in one-on-one, small group and large group settings.  As a result, we have produced a DVD with 11 short films that will soon be available to purchase.  My team lead a seminar a few weeks ago at the National Outreach Convention in San Diego sharing and showing how a church can use the short film DVD to reach their community.

I am excited about all the potential uses with the DVD tool.  Some churches are using it for church planting and established churches are using it to reach their community.  The DVD is subtitled into 9 languages too.  To find out more about the Short Film Stategy visit the Global Short Film Network website.

Using Video To Promote a Book

Creo ProductionsSeveral month’s ago I became familiar with Creo Productions.  They are a full service video production company located out of Michigan.  Some of the work they have done includes producing videos to promote books.

They combine narration with graphics to communicate in a short period a time the central message of a book.  They are very powerful in comparison to reading a synopsis for a book.  You can check out some of their work on their website.

They have produced videos for Greg Stielstra, author of “Pyro Marketing” and Michael English’s “The Prodigal Son Comes Home“.

On a side note, you can download a complete audio version of Pyro Marketing from Greg’s website for free.

Facebook Applications for Ministry

Facebook, the social utility that connects you with people around you, has over 3,000 types of applications that you can “plug-into” your personal profile. There are many different types of applications available. You can display the books you are reading, the music you are listening to, rate movies you have seen, draw graffiti and much more.

Since Facebook has opened their platform to developers to develop their own applications you continue to see new ones come up almost every day.  I’m not the only one who has been thinking about this recently, but this would be a great opportunity to develop Facebook applications for ministry purposes. Dan over at Blog Ministry has posted about this idea as well. He has created a Facebook Brainstorm discussion board for you to share your ideas.  Dan mentions in a few posts that there have been several applications that have been developed by Christians for Christians.

Here are a few that I have come up with:

  1. Who Is Jesus- an application that updates daily talking about Jesus and a link to how you can know Him personally.
  2. Ask a Christian- an application where someone can post a question and others can answer it.
  3. Share Your Story- an application that enables you to post your testimony by text or video

What are your ideas?

Are You Stuck?

Are you stuck on a project or finding a new idea?  Instead of giving up, check this out

Story of The Soul Outreach

Story of the Soul (SOTS) is an interactive outreach experience connecting students to a story you like to share – the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

SOTS is a conversational journey in a coffee house-like setting. The Gospel is shared after considering stories the soul of man has been telling for eons through:

“Film” “Music” “Classic Literature” “Pop Culture – Poetry” “Artwork” “History”

SOTS is sweeping university campuses worldwide, and is being used in many different contexts, venues and ministries.

SOTS will equip you to use 10 different “Story of the Soul” outreaches and help walk you through our creative design process. You will soon be able to create your own outreaches relevant to your audience and culture.

Find out more at

Creative Logo Ideas

Thanks to Cory Miller for pointing out a great resource for designing or redesigning a logo.  Check out these examples from some Web 2.0 based websites.

What Can You Do With 250 Remotes?

Ok, this is a bit off what I would normally write about, but it is creative. In fact the guys behind the idea, Rhett and Link, are involved doing some very creative ministry. Check out their latest podcast here.

ScreenVue- Movie Illustration Ideas

There have been times when I wanted to illustrate a point in a Bible study or small group with a film clip. I have used short films, which are great, or clips from films that I had seen. However there are a lot of scenes from films that could be used from films that I haven’t seen.
The other day I discovered a great solution to this problem, ScreenVue. They are an online database where you can search for illustrations and scenes based on a keyword. You can also download some of the clips. There is a fee for the service, however it includes the license to show the clips in public showings.

Creative Fuel

Over the last few weeks I have been involved with several big projects that have given me some creative fuel. I was able to work on the production of a 35mm film, helped with a film festival and attended a Creativity Summit.

At the Creativity Summit, we talked about how everyone was born with a creative instinct. God is the ultimate “creative”. Genesis 1 says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (NIV). The word “created” is used 10 times just in Genesis (NIV). However there are many more words and a reference used to express how creative God is. He has created us, so I believe God desires us to be “creative”.

There is an interesting short film that was produced in 1970 by Saul Bass for Kaiser Aluminum. It is called Why Man Creates. Saul Bass is the artistic director behind the classic title sequences for the James Bond films. In this very creative 25 minute short film Saul gives compelling information about the creative process of man over the years. The film is old, but still relevant to today.

Artists as Reconcilers

Artists as ReconcilersThe International Arts Movement (IAM) is having its 15th Anniversary Conference, Artists as Reconcilers, Thursday, February 23rd to Saturday, February 25th, 2006. Artists as Reconcilers will include lectures, workshops, performances, films, and much more. Some of the content in this conference is not to be missed. It will be communicated by some of the leading minds in the arts in Christendom. For example, National Endowment for the Arts, Chairman Dana Gioia and Yale Divinity School Professor Miroslav Volf.

There will be some great performances. One of the top 5 writers/arrangers/musicians will be doing a concert Rob Mathis. Rob is the worship leader of Trinity Church in Greenwich, CT. Along with him will be Will Lee (bassist for the David Letterman band), Shawn Pelton (drummer for the SNL band), and the entire horn section used by the Rolling Stones. They will all be at the concert. Also, Andy Zipf will be playing. He is a favored musician on XM Radio.

For visual artists who attend the conference there will be an opportunity to participate in a gallery show juried by some local NYC artists but also by two particularly important gatekeepers in the arts. Josie Browne, director of the Max Protetch Gallery in NYC and James Elaine, UCLA’s Hammer Gallery project curator will be part of the jury.