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Outside The Box Ministry Issue#1I just sent out Issue #1 of Outside The Box Ministry.  I plan to send out emails 1-2 times a month with the best free outreach ideas and resources that you can choose from.  It is sometimes hard to find really good free resources, so I will mix it up with some low cost options as well.  You can sign-up to the right.  You will receive the next issue that is sent out.

I would like to hear from you.  Can you help me out by clicking here and taking my SEVEN QUESTION Survey to help me better shape the Outside The Box Ministry blog.

A Call to Prayer for the Tragedy at Virginia Tech

Today Campus Crusade for Christ had a national Call to Prayer for the tragedy at Virginia Tech.  You can find out more about specific prayer requests and join in an praying for the students that were impacted by this tragedy at the Campus Ministry website.

Outside The Box Ministry Is Back Up

Thank you for your patience if you have experienced any problems with the website over the past few weeks.

I have had a bad experience with the webshosting that I was using. Their server kept doing strange things and then somone got into their server and released a virus through iframes on the index pages. I have moved to a new host and pray that I don’t have any more problems.

Christmas Wishes

I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

If you who have some extra time for fun here are a few winter games to play.
Snow Ball Fight

Snow Flake Designer

Santa Ski Jump

Reaching the Twentysomethings

A new report from The Barna Group discusses how the twentysomthings are putting Christianity on the shelf. In fact, the data shows that 61 percent of these young adults were attending church in their teens, but are no longer actively attending church, reading their Bible or praying.

God has been putting a great burden on my heart over the last few months for this generation. In the next few posts, I will show creative ways that churches and individuals are impacting the lives of men and women in their twenty’s.

Conferences To Check Out

I am amazed at the number of church and Christian conferences that are out there. If you are considering attending one of these, here are a few that I have attended or have heard good things about.

National Outreach Convention–
Catalyst Conference–
The National Conference On Christian Apologetics–
Reach Conference–

My Church 2.0 is a brand new social network website for your church.  It is not just a “My Space” for your church, but also a way for members in your church to connect with each other and those outside your church.  MyChurch is not meant to replace a churches main website, but it is a good compliment to it.  They have no plans to run ads on the website.  Churches can pay a small fee to upgrade the amount of disc space for their church. is still in beta, but the team there has done a good job with the initial launch.

Use Creativity To Solve A Problem

My friend Alan over at has a great interview Tracy Thirion founder of Bamboo Worldwide on Brainstorming and how to use creative activities for problem solving.  Check it out here.

Community and Networking

Community and networking plays an important part in our personal and professional life.  I personally enjoy connecting people together on projects, ministry and work. I have created at map at so that we can connect.  Take a moment and place a maker on the map of your location here.

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