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Outside The Box Ministry Issue#1I just sent out Issue #1 of Outside The Box Ministry.  I plan to send out emails 1-2 times a month with the best free outreach ideas and resources that you can choose from.  It is sometimes hard to find really good free resources, so I will mix it up with some low cost options as well.  You can sign-up to the right.  You will receive the next issue that is sent out.

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Help 1 million people find hope in Jesus this Easter!

You are invited to be part of a concerted effort to share our faith by blogging, tweeting, posting and sharing #FallingPlates on various social networks.

#FallingPlates is a simple, relevant and compelling way to share the gospel. In 4 mins, through various visual metaphors it clearly explains our relationship with God as it’s meant to be, and invites the viewer to a true and lasting relationship with Christ.

#FallingPlates has seen more than 390,000 views since it launched on 12/12/12, and continues to draw more than 2000 viewers a day, many expressing how it has powerfully impacted them.

1. Share the video#FallingPlates

  • -Write a blog post about Easter during the Holy Week, embed the video
  • -Tweet about it on March 29. (ideas here)
  • -Post on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ etc. starting on Good Friday (March 29) through Easter (March 31). (ideas here)

2. Mobilize others to join in this campaign.

  • -Encourage others to join you, to share their faith using this film.
  • -Make it a group activity with your church groups.

3. Watch and Pray

  • -Anticipate what God will do through this effort.
  • -Respond to your friends’ questions after they watch the video. Follow up with them.
  • -Pray that the Holy Spirit works in the hearts of those who watch it.

Christmas Outreach Ideas

Christmas Outreach IdeasIn a recent article from Outreach Magazine, they quote a recent study from Lifeway Research that “61 percent of evangelical Christians haven’t shared their faith in the last six months, even though they agree it is their responsibility.”  Do you need ideas to help in your evangelism and outreach efforts?  Here are some Christmas outreach ideas for your church, ministry and/or community. Please leave a comment with your Christmas outreach ideas as well.

1. Do a drama, musical or short stories acted out that create conversations and shares the message of Christ and His birth.

2. Do a living nativity outside and invite the community to come and see it.

3. Create a Christmas village and sell items that have been made by people from developing areas in the United States or overseas. The money can go back to these communities. Have opportunities for visitors to be invited to your church or future ministry events.

4. Put on a film festival showing Christmas movies and share a film clip on the birth of Christ. Click here to view and download one.

5. Offer a free meal on Christmas Eve before your church service.

6. Share Christmas gifts with others in your community.

7. Have a lunch or dinner for your neighbors and share the Biblical account of Christ’s birth from Luke.  Here are some tips for doing the dinner here.


Image from CreationSwap

Easter Outreach Ideas

Here are some Easter outreach ideas that can be used in your church and community.  Please share some of yours as well.

Updated 4/2014:

1. The JESUS Film– Get the new fully restored and re-mastered “The JESUS Film” on Blu-ray and DVD.  “The JESUS Film” is the most viewed and translated film and a great ministry tool for Easter.  Click here to find out more information or to purchase the “The JESUS Film” Blu-ray or DVD.

2. Film Festival– show films that depict the story of Jesus- His life, death and resurrection.  You can find a listing of films about Jesus from the Bible Film Blog.

3. Art Exhibit– have local artists or artists in your church draw or paint pieces about Jesus’ life death and resurrection.  Have an exhibit where the community can come and view the artwork and interact with the artist to hear their “story”.

4. Music concert– select musical selections and Bible readings that touch on the life, death and ressurection of Jesus.

5. Backyard Easter Bash– Using the colorful eggs found in Resurrection Eggs host an egg hunt for the children in your community or church.

6. Easter Experience– A new DVD-driven group study that uses narrative drama and challenging teaching.  To find out more check out the Easter Experience website.