The “Overflow Show” Podcast

Here is a great resource to check out.  It is called the “Overflow Show“.  The Overflow show is a free 5 minute audio podcast for christians which teach us how to natuarally “overflow” into our non-Christian friends’ lives with the gospel.  Each show is different and brings new and helpful ideas. Topics include: how to transition to talking about Jesus; intellectual answers to objections about our faith; and many more.  From answering questions, to removing doubts, the Overflow Show seeks to give you confidence and connect you better with non-believers.  You can visit the “Overflow Show” website to listen to the show and find out more information.

What Can You Do With 250 Remotes?

Ok, this is a bit off what I would normally write about, but it is creative. In fact the guys behind the idea, Rhett and Link, are involved doing some very creative ministry. Check out their latest podcast here.

Podcast and Video Publishing Tools

There are more and more tools popping up on the Internet to create and publish podcasts and vodcasts. Odeo is one of those companies that have some great tools to use. They make it easy to create and publish podcasts with their Odeo Studio. They have a new tool to create a video message and push it to a website called Hellodeo.

JESUS film Audio and Video Podcast

You can now download the audio and video version of the JESUS film to your iPod or computer. New video chapters from the film are added every few weeks. Check it out here. Preloaded iPods with “God” Stuff

Mark, the pastor of National Community Church, has come up with a great idea. Check it out on this blog They are going to preload iPods with all sorts of sermons, music and more for spiritual growth.

Are Podcasts Only a Trend ?

Are podcasts only a trend or will they continue to grow into something that will stay around awhile?

What do you think?

Catalyst Conference’s Free iPod Giveaway

This looks like a great conference for young leaders. It is being put on by John Maxwell’s Injoy Ministry. One of the speakers is Malcolm Gladwell author of Blink and The Tipping Point.

They are giving away an iPod every 100 hours until the conference begins. You have to try out the online arcade games.

The Story of JESUS Podcast

The JESUS Film Project has just released The Story of JESUS audio version in a podcast format. If you use iTunes click here to get it. You can also get it at and Podcast Alley. Where ever you decide to download it be sure to vote for The Story of JESUS on Podcast Alley.

Dallas Seminary Begins Podcasting in the Fall

Dallas Seminary will begin podcasting their chapel services in the fall. They currently offer the videos here. They hope that the podcast will help reach more people.

Thanks to John Dyer for this information.

Christian Podcasting Survey

I have been doing a survey of some podcast directories to see what type of Christian podcasts are being produced. Here is what I found. If you are not familiar with Podcasting you can check out Rob’s series about it.

1.– Currently has 217 podcasts listed under the category of Religion & Philosophy- Christianity. Once you click on the category all the newest episodes appear on the right side. To access the podcasts you can either click on the listing which takes you to episodes page to listen or you can subscribe to the RSS feed for that category and get access that way.

2.– Currently has 278 podcasts under the category of Religion/Inspiration. At the time of this post they don’t break it down further than that, so there is a mixture of different types of religion podcasts. One of the top podcasts in that directory is the RevTim podcast.

3.– Currently has 13 podcasts listed.

4.– Currently has 30 podcasts listed.