Biola Digital Ministry Conference- Watch Online

On June 5-7, Biola University hosted the 2012 Biola Digital Ministry Conference on their campus in La Mirada, CA.  Biola always does top-notch events.

They have made available the sessions from the conference on YouTube.  You can view a listing of the speakers here and view the videos of the sessions here.  We have included the session on “The State of Digital Ministry” below.

Ministry Product and Strategy Development

The last few years I have been involved with helping to develop a ministry tool and strategy that is being used around the world.  Over the next few weeks I thought I would share some ideas that I have learned in the process.

I will cover developing the idea, creating the ministry tool, testing it and promoting the ministry tool or strategy.  Are there any other areas or questions you may have that you would like covered?

Story of The Soul Outreach

Story of the Soul (SOTS) is an interactive outreach experience connecting students to a story you like to share – the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

SOTS is a conversational journey in a coffee house-like setting. The Gospel is shared after considering stories the soul of man has been telling for eons through:

“Film” “Music” “Classic Literature” “Pop Culture – Poetry” “Artwork” “History”

SOTS is sweeping university campuses worldwide, and is being used in many different contexts, venues and ministries.

SOTS will equip you to use 10 different “Story of the Soul” outreaches and help walk you through our creative design process. You will soon be able to create your own outreaches relevant to your audience and culture.

Find out more at

Using Film Production To Reach The Postmoderns

We are beginning to see more churches use video and film production opportunities as a way to connect with the postmodern audience. Some of the churches that have been doing this for sometime are Mosaic, Coast Hills Community Church and Sherwood Baptist Church. Postmoderns like stories and enjoy telling them. Creating an opportunity in a church environment to get them involved with producing video or film is a great way to tie them into the church.

“Dare to Be a Daniel” training

Tonight I was watching the Billy Graham television special. During the broadcast they featured a new training program, Dare to Be a Daniel, for children.  This program teaches boys and girls how to share their faith in Jesus with others.  The material is presented through printed booklets, CD-Roms and an interactive website. There is no cost for the Dare to Be a Daniel program.